arcBlocks: C++ standard library extensions and UI Building Blocks for apps and games

arcBlocks is a suite of open source libraries that I developed while working on my startup TransReality Technology, Inc. They are designed to help speed up C++ app development by providing a wide variety of standard library extensions (in arc), along with a set of UI building blocks (in Blocks). The only dependencies are C++11 and the open-source graphics library SDL for the UI functions.

Some of the primary modules in arc provide:

  • Automatic memory management/copy-on-write
  • Command-line argument parsing
  • File/path/directory access
  • Threading and syncronization
  • 2D graphics rendering and user input (using SDL)
  • Audio playback (using SDL_mixer)

And the Blocks suite includes:

  • Static, dynamic, animated, and expanding visuals
  • Multi-frame visuals, buttons
  • UI Layouts
  • Scene handling
  • Sound playback
  • Pixel text rendering
  • Collision detection
  • Scrolling and parallax scrolling
  • Procedural level generation
  • Blocks manager which handles connections between block events and actions

Open-Source Version Download (Beta)

The arcBlocks code is available for download under the MIT license on my GitHub.

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