Educational Activities

I have programmed a variety of educational activities to support my father's work in music education at Phil Tulga - Music Through the Curriculum.  They complement the musical programs he presents for elementary schools around the Sacramento, California area.  They all integrate music with a core school subject, such as math or language arts, in order to further strengthen students' understanding of these concepts, and encourage independent exploration and learning.

A couple of my latest HTML5/JavaScript activities are shown here – click on the image to be taken to the activity page to play!  


Counting Music Link Image

Counting Music

Helps students learn to count rhythms, and connects their knowledge of fractions and length to musical notes.



Unifix Cube Drum Machine Link Image

Unifix Cube Drum Machine

Allows students to play rhythms on six different homemade instruments at varying tempos, and connects their knowledge of patterns and ratios to drum rhythms.