Fractal Art

This page displays my gallery of fractal images that I have created with the help of the mandelbulber program.  You can click on the images to see a higher-resolution (full HD) version. They're primarily based on the Mandelbox formula, with a variety of parameters and some modifications.

As well, you can watch my new fractal movie, based on the City of Gold image: (fullscreen is best)


Alien Architecture

What purpose these incredible structures serve remains a mystery. Perhaps it is a city-sized resonance chamber, designed to amplify music to billions, or an enormous arena for competitions between giants? Either way, these majestic metallic structures intrigue and mystify us - and if you look closely, you may even see more being built . . .



The Core

With the power of a million suns each, thousands of these cores work in unison, their energy emanating at the quantum scale, detectable light-years away. Such enormous power conversion exceeds anything imaginable for such a design. Surely their constructors would not have left them running without a purpose?



City of Gold

Towering into the sky, this mechanical city serves as a reminder of a past civilization long lost. Priceless in value, it's magnificent arches and floating verandas sweep over entire continents, but what was its message - a tribute? Or a warning?



Galactic Computer

This computer stores the entire history of the galaxy in its form. City-sized data processors move in tandem - recording, interpreting, and analyzing billions of years of history. Parts of its form deconstruct, dissolve, and reform - but what could its purpose be?



Alien Cavern

This cavern was found inside a small planetoid, its forms shaped by unknown forces or technology. Be careful not to get lost in its myriad passages - even though the luminescent fog seems harmless enough, the lack of gravity obscures which way is down, and which way leads out . . .



Cubic Sea

When viewed at microscopic resolution, these relics were found to be constructed and maintained by these emergent cubic nanites. Arranging first into smaller forms, these miniature machines could construct the enormous structures found throughout the galaxy. But what could they be constructing here? Transmuting lead into gold? Or breathing life into a new planet?