Here I provide links and give a brief overview of many sites I frequent or find particularly interesting.  Scroll down to each category and click at will!

For research and scientific links, see my research tools page.

General Interest

TV Tropes Wiki
    A wiki describing various narrative devices or patterns in fiction, with both descriptions of these "tropes" and also pages for a particular work, listing the tropes it exemplifies.  Written in a light and humorous style, and is a lot of fun.  WARNING! May eat up inordinate amounts of free time, and cause you to start hanging lampshades on everything.

Phil Tulga - Music Through The Curriculum
    My dad's website, including information on his elementary school assemblies in the greater Sacramento area, and many free educational activities linking music to math, science, and language arts.


Girl Genius
    Gaslamp/Steampunk fantasy set in an alternate universe where technically gifted mad scientists "sparks" vie for domination of Europe with Science! A highly complex plot and interesting characters told in graphic novel style - highly recommended!

Miracle of Science [Finished]
    A science fiction story about mad science as a memetic disease, and the Vorstellen cop and Martian psychologist tasked to find him and prevent him from taking over the world.

Indavo [Finished]
    A fun science fiction story about a group of adventurers and their travels and dealings around the universe.  Has both short and long-term arcs.

Software / Services

Windows Sysinternals
    Utilities for debugging and analyzing your system's performance. The one I find most useful is Process Explorer.